Eloise Hiebert Meneses, PhD

Professor of Anthropology
PhD, University of California
Research: India, poverty, women, race and ethnicity, faith and science, global economic systems, international development, comparative religions and Christian missions.

Statement from Dr. Meneses:

“I have found it richly rewarding to interact with students at Eastern on subjects having to do with missions and anthropology.  Their passion for understanding cultural differences, their compassion for people in all circumstances, and their commitment to service are always inspiring to me.  We believe in doing all things for the work of God’s Kingdom, regardless of the job or the setting.  Our students have literally gone to the ends of the earth, from Azerbaijan, to India, to Korea, to southern Africa, to Lithuania, to Chicago and Philadelphia to carry out the mission for which they have been prepared at Eastern.  I am truly grateful to be able to equip them for this exciting work.”



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  • Meneses, Eloise, 1995.Incarnational Ministry: Planting Churches in Band, Tribal, Peasant, and Urban Societies.  Second author to Paul G. Hiebert.  Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.

Edited Book:

  • Meneses, Eloise, 2009.The Gospel in Human Contexts.  By Paul G. Hiebert.  Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic.

Chapters in Books:

  • Meneses, Eloise, 2006. “Science and the Myth of Biological Race” in This Side of Heaven: Race,
  • Ethnicity, and Christian Faith, edited by Robert J. Priest and Alvaro L. Nieves.  Oxford University Press.
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  • Meneses, Eloise, 2004. “The Meaning of Mennonite” in The Measure of My Days, edited by Joe Miller and Reuben Miller.  Telford, PA:  Cascadia Publishing House, pp. 108-121.

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals:

  • Meneses, Eloise, 2009. “Birds of the Air: the Christian Challenge to Culture in Defending the Marginalized.”  Missiology, XXXVII (3):369-384.
  • Meneses, Eloise, 2007. “Faithful Witness:  Postcritical Epistemology for Christians.”  Direction, 36(2): 129-143.
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  • Meneses, Eloise, 1987. “Traders and Marginality in a Complex Social System.”   Ethnology, 26(4): 231-244.

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