Primary Faculty

Dr. Eloise Meneses, Professor of Cultural Anthropology and
Director of the Program

MTCA 502, Integrated Anthropological Theory II
MTCA 570, Faith-Based Ethnographic Methods
MTCA 600, On Knowing Humanity Colloquia Series

PhD, Anthropology, University of California, San Diego

Dr. Meneses has taught anthropology for over 30 years.  She has been at Eastern University since 1992, and has won the Lindback Award for excellence in teaching.  Her ethnographic field research was in India, studying the lives of poor Dalit women, and resulting in the book, Love and Revolutions: Market Women and Social Change in India.  Dr. Meneses has research interests in economic anthropology, language and culture, ethnicity and globalization, ethnography as epistemology, and especially faith and science.  She is also the primary facilitator of the On Knowing Humanity research project, which is associated with the MA in Theological and Cultural Anthropology, and funded by the John Templeton Foundation.  That project is drawing together scholars from across the country to consider innovative ways of incorporating Christian theological thinking into the theory and practice of anthropology.  Dr. Meneses has been a Fulbright scholar, written or edited three books and fourteen scholarly articles, won three awards/grants for research, and is a regular speaker at conferences and workshops.

Dr. Meneses’ full curriculum vitae.

Dr. David Bronkema, Associate Professor of International Development

MTCA 501, Integrated Anthropological Theory, I
ECON 513, Economic Development for Developing Countries (Elective)
EDEV 590, Program Planning, Management, and Marketing (Elective)
LDEV 650, Relief and Mitigation of Disasters (Elective)

PhD, Anthropology, Yale University

Dr. Bronkema is the director of the graduate international development programs. He has been with Eastern University since 2006, and received the Lindback Award for distinguished teaching in 2010. His publications, writings, and talks have explored the intersection between business, civil society, faith, and justice; faith-based non-governmental organizations; the history of Protestant missions to Latin America; and community development and advocacy. Dr. Bronkema has a deep interest and extensive experience in blending the academic and practitioner side of development and social change work.  He spent five years in Honduras with a local Christian development organization working closely with peasant, labor, and human rights organizations.  He then joined the American Friends Service Committee as program coordinator for the Latin America and Caribbean Region, where he supervised programs in relief, development, and advocacy, including the areas of economic justice, peacebuilding, demilitarization, and human mobility.  He has written articles entitled, “Towards an Evangelical Theology of Advocacy,” “Business as Ministry,” “Evangelical Development Practice,” “Business as Mission Through the Lens of Development,” and “Firm Foundations:  Christian NGOs, Civil Society, and Social Change.”

Dr. Bronkema’s full curriculum vitae.

Dr. Lindy Backues, Associate Professor of Economic Development

MTCA 550, Epistemological Insights for Anthropological Practice
EDEV 695, Introduction to Microfinance (elective)
INST 662, Theology of Poverty (elective)

PhD, Theology and Economic Development, University of Leeds

Dr. Lindy Backues is Associate Professor of Economic Development at Eastern University, teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. His publications, writings, and public speaking events have explored the connection between theology and community development, especially as these two interface in the midst of practical, implemented, missional involvement.  Dr. Backues came to Eastern in 2008 after nearly two decades of development work in Indonesia, where, among other accomplishments, he founded a multi-disciplinary, multi-faith, community empowerment, non-government organization. He also served as program supervisor between 2005 and 2007 for tsunami response in the province of Aceh Jaya in north Sumatra. Living in Indonesia from 1989 through 2007, Dr. Backues worked primarily in the region of West Java amongst the Sundanese, and was Indonesia Country Director for Millennium Relief & Development Services. With his diverse background, Dr. Backues brings considerable experience and expertise to his courses at Eastern, which include Faith and Economic Justice, Economic Development of Third World Countries, Economic Reasoning Seminar and Theology of Poverty.

Dr. Backues’ full curriculum vitae.

The MATCA faculty team has written an article together that has been published in Current Anthropology.  It is entitled, “Engaging the Religiously Committed Other: Anthropologists and Theologians in Dialogue.”  Read the article.

Secondary Faculty Teaching Electives in the Program

Prof. Nate Brown

EDEV 695, Introduction to Microfinance
EDEV 696, Market Development for Microfinance

Dr. Drick Boyd

INST 662, Theology of Poverty

Prof. JoAnn Flett

BUSA 545, Social Entrepreneurship

Dr. Sharon Gramby-Sobukwe

LDEV 610, Advocacy, Public Policy, and Human Rights

Prof. Leah Hood

EDEV 640, Community Development

Prof. S. Kalaunee

LEAD 540, Leadership and Empowerment

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