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What is an Instructional Coach?

With the high stakes assessments and the advent of Common Core Standards the need for greater assistance to teachers has become a necessity for Professional Development. Instructional coaches are onsite professional developers who teach educators how to use evidence-based teaching practices and to support them in learning and applying these practices in a variety of educational settings.

What evidence is there for supporting an instructional coach?

Instructional CoachResearch by the Pennsylvania Institute for Professional Coaching found that teachers who were regularly coached one-on-one reported that:

  • They made significant changes in their instructional practice.
  • Their students were more engaged in the classroom and enthusiastic about learning.
  • Attendance increased dramatically in their classes.
“The program was an invaluable resource that fostered an environment that built the capacity for effective collaboration skills for all participants. The course work has helped me explore my own style, the manner in which I interact with colleagues, and most importantly view situations from other’s perspectives.”


“I have been in a position to coach colleagues previously. The success of these experiences has varied. My latest coaching experience has been a success. I credit the success of my recent experience to the tools I have gathered through the instructional coaching course work.”

Participant from Cohort 1

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