​​​​​​​Is my accelerated degree as good as a traditional degree?

Yes. Your accelerated degree is as good as a traditional degree. The programs have been approved by the PA Department of Education and Eastern University. The curriculum is designed for adult learners and the theory of learning is now used by Universities and Colleges across the country. 

I’ve been out of school for so long.  Can I actually succeed?

Many of our students feel unsure before they begin but by the time they have completed a few weeks of classes their confidence level has grown tremendously. This is a program for adult students, many of whom have been out of a formal school setting for a number of years. Even while you've been outside a school setting, you’ve been learning informally at home, on the job, at conferences, and at workshops.  Returning to school is not a return to learning; it is a return to learning systematically in a formal setting.

Our courses are designed to meet the unique needs of adult learners. You will find our program may be very different from the education you received when you earned your diploma. Keep in mind that the average age of the Eastern student is 38 so you’ll have plenty of supportive classmates who understand your apprehension.

What is the charge for posting previous credits (i.e.. transfer and CLEP credits) on my transcript?

Some colleges and universities charge for transfer credits, but at Eastern these services are performed at no charge.

How can I fit school in with the rest of my life, especially with the kind of work schedule I have?

All of our students are working full or part time. Our program is designed for the adult student who has responsibilities at work and at home. Classes are scheduled during the day, evening, and Saturday.

Where are you located?

Eastern University is located 30 minutes west of Philadelphia, in St. Davids, Pennsylvania. It is only 2 1/2 hours from Washington D.C. and New York City. Eastern’s immediate community is Philadelphia’s Main Line. This residential area is 1/2 mile north of Lancaster Pike (U.S. Route 30) at the eastern edge of the town of Wayne.  We offer classes in many locations and online. Contact us to learn more!

My job provides tuition reimbursement. How do you handle that?

Financial aid concerns with regards to payment method, tuition reimbursement, costs, etc. should be referred to the Student Accounts office at (610) 341-5831. For those students wanting to pursue a loan, they can speak to the financial aid office about the process at (610) 225-5102  to discuss their individual situation.

Is financial aid available?

Students in the MA in Health Services Program are eligible to apply for financial aid as full-time students and may apply for assistance through one of the available student loan programs.  For additional information, contact the Eastern University Financial Aid office at (610) 225-5102.