IESL Application Information

Options for study in the IESL program:

  1. Students who desire to enter an undergraduate or graduate degree program at Eastern University but must improve their English proficiency first, should apply directly to the desired degree program through the corresponding admissions office. Instead of presenting a standardized English score like a TOEFL or IELTS, or if the TOEFL or IELTS score is too low, the student may opt to begin in the IESL program until meeting the required English proficiency standard for admission. In this option, the student attains conditional acceptance and is admitted to the degree program upon successful completion of IESL.
  2. Eastern University’s College of Arts and Sciences offers an Early College Program for International Students from China. Students are placed in IESL based on an English proficiency placement exam, and can begin earning undergraduate credits while enrolled in IESL through a bilingual sequence of courses offered in Mandarin. Additional credits are awarded upon successful completion of IESL. Admission to this special program must be granted through the Undergraduate Admissions Office prior to starting IESL. Applicants to this program do NOT need to submit TOEFL or IELTS English proficiency scores or take the Chinese college entrance exam for consideration. Fill out the application for the Early College Program and submit it to the Undergraduate Admissions Office.
  3. Students who do not wish to continue into a degree program at Eastern University or who are not sure, may apply directly to the IESL program. Upon completion of IESL , the student then may transfer to another school, continue at Eastern (subject to space available in a program) or go home. If the student begins IESL and later decides to study at Eastern, he/she must achieve conditional acceptance to the degree program prior to completion of IESL.  For students wanting to only enroll in the IESL program they should fill out the IESL Non-Degree Application and submit applications directly to the IESL office at or contact that office directly at 484-581-1278 for any questions or concerns.
  4. Local community members who don’t need a student visa, but wish to improve their English skills, may apply for part-time study in the IESL program at Eastern University. Acceptance to part-time study is subject to availability of space in IESL classes of the same proficiency level as the applicant after testing. More information about part-time study for community members is available by contacting the IESL Coordinator at the Saint David’s campus:
    Eastern University IESL Office, ELC 107
    1300 Eagle Road, St. Davids, PA 19087
    Telephone: 484-581-1278
    Email: iesl@eastern.du

All international students at Eastern University must purchase the student health insurance plan and submit the necessary health forms as well as the other admission-related forms. Information and forms are found at the health center. An international student who possesses current, sufficient US based medical insurance from a well-respected company must request a waiver though the Student Development Office prior to semester start to be considered.