Library Cards

The E-card issued to all members of the Eastern Community serves as a library card for the purpose of borrowing materials. A Courtesy library card can be issued on request to alumni, area clergy, and members of Friends of the Library.  In the wider community, those who are 18 or older and not otherwise associated with Eastern or a cooperating institution can obtain borrowing privileges by joining Friends of the Library. A valid E-card or Courtesy card must be presented in order to borrow materials.

Alumni Privileges

Library privileges for alumni include the ability to borrow up to 10 books from the library and renew them one time. You also have the ability to search on several databases noted on our A to Z Database List. Look for Alumni - under "Database Types" box. Interlibrary is not available for alumni.

Circulation Periods

Materials may be borrowed from the collection for differing periods, depending on the material type and patron's status. Patrons may renew their books -- borrowed from the library collection. See the guide for more help.

EZ Borrow/ILL books need to be renewed by library staff. Contact us for assistance.


Undergraduate, Graduate Students 4 weeks, limit of 50 books, 1 renewal
Certificate program/Nonmatriculating students 4 weeks, limit of 10 books, 1 renewal
Faculty 90 days, unlimited number of books, 1 renewal
Staff 4 weeks, limit of 10 books, 1 renewal
Alumni 4 weeks, limit of 10 books, 1 renewal
Outside (Friends, Cooperating institutions) 4 weeks, limit of 10 books, no renewals


Audiobooks      4 weeks, limit of 3 total media items, 1 renewal
CDs 1 week, limit of 3 total media items, no renewals
DVDs 1 week, limit of 3 total media items, no renewals
  • Patrons may check out 3 non-book media of each type (3 DVDs, 3 CDs, etc.).
  • Media are available to current students, staff, and faculty only --  no outside borrowers.
  • Media are not available for interlibrary loan--either lending or borrowing.


  • Materials must stay in the library
  • Available to students and faculty only.

Patron Fines for Overdue Materials

    Books: $0.25 per day, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Maximum fines reach $20.00 per item.

    Media: $0.25 per day, including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Maximum fines reach $20.00 per item.

    Reserves: $0.50 per hour, including hours the Library is closed. Maximum fine reserve items is $20.00 per item.

    EZ Borrow: $2.00 per day, including Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Maximum fine of $80.00 per item payable to Eastern University.

    Fines/Replacement charges should be paid between the hours of

    8am-5pm—Monday through Friday.

     If a library fine is not paid by the end of the semester, fines will be charged against the student's regular school bill. Overdue notices are sent as soon as material is overdue; failure to receive the notice does not excuse the borrower from responsibility. Overdue materials will eventually be considered lost and full replacement costs will be charged to the patron's account (see below).

    Lost or Damaged Items

    For lost and heavily damaged items, the Library will charge patrons as follows:

    Hardback book $60.00

    Paperback book $30.00

    DVD/VHS Materials $30.00

    CD (Music or Audiobook) $25.00

    Interlibrary Loan Books / EZ Borrow $125.00

    Headphones $25.00

    Damage to books includes liquid and food spills, torn pages, and chewed or mangled covers. Damage to media includes liquid and food spills, chewed or mangled cases, and items returned in unplayable condition or with missing disks. Damage to equipment includes items returned in nonfunctioning condition or with missing/damaged parts or accessories. Charges that are accrued as a result of loss or damage of books, media, and equipment will be sent to Student Accounts and may prevent students from registering for classes, obtaining diploma/transcript(s), and/or graduating until paid in full.

    Library House Rules

    Food and beverages are allowed in the library. Please keep beverages covered with a lid and clean up after eating. Please place all trash in trash bins located throughout the library.

    Please mute your cellphones when working in the library. If you need to take a call, please step outside the library.

    Make sure all library debts are paid for before graduation. If not, receipt of your diploma may be delayed.

    Patrons should be considerate of others who are using the Library.

    Borrower Responsibilities

    The borrower is responsible for the books borrowed. Do not lend borrowed items to another person. Items that are not returned or are returned damaged (this includes underlining, highlighting, etc.) are the responsibility of the borrower. If a book is already damaged when you are checking it out, please bring it to the attention of the circulation attendant.