John Pauley II, Ph.D.

John Pauley, Ph.D.Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences
Professor, Communication Studies
Office: McInnis Learning Center 204
Phone: 610-341-5892


M.Div Denver Baptist Seminary
M.A. University of Texas, Austin
Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin
At Eastern since 2007


Prior to coming to Eastern University, Pauley served on the faculty of Saint Mary's College. Starting in 1991, he ultimately became Chair of the Department of Communication Studies, Dance and Theatre. He also served as Chair of the Faculty Assembly and Chaired the Faculty Compensation Committee on two separate occasions. Pauley came to Eastern in the summer of 2007 to Chair the Department of Communication Studies while continuing his work as editor of the Journal of Communication and Religion (2006-2009). In the spring of 2011 he was elected Moderator of the Faculty Senate, and in July of 2013 was named the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Pauley lives near Eastern with his wife, Cheryl. He is an avid runner and has completed 19 marathons.


Political Communication, Rhetorical Theory: Classical to Middle Ages, Rhetorical Theory: Renaissance to the Present, Rhetorical Criticism, Advanced Rhetorical Criticism, Analysis of Argument & Discourse


Rhetoric, civil religion, religious communication


Eastern is a place that takes seriously both Christian faith and academic rigor. I value the attempt to hold these often competing values in tension and believe that such an education serves a student well for all of life.



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