Julie Morgan, Ed.D.

Julie Morgan, Ed.D.Professor of Communication Studies
Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University
Office: Andrews 208
E-mail: jmorgan@eastern.edu
Phone: 610-341-1476


M.A. Radford University
Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University
At Eastern since 1992


After I completed my Master’s Degree in Communication, I started working at Eastern in 1992 in Marketing and Recruitment. I always enjoyed learning and completed my EdD, just because I loved learning. I had taught as a few classes in the Communication Studies Department, but as God would have it, I was asked to Chair the Communication Studies Department in 2000.

Since 2000, our department has grown in many ways, in full-time faculty, in number of majors, and in number of courses offered. Even with the changes to our department over the years, my love for the students has been constant. We have wonderful alumni who are ready to offer a helping hand to the current cohort of undergrads.

When I’m not working with my colleagues and students, I enjoy spending time with my husband and son . . . and (most of the time) enjoy our aggressively exuberant Black Lab puppy!


Introduction to Communication, Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Communication across Difference, Leadership and Group Communication, Conflict Management, Introduction to Research Methods, Organizational Communication, Training and Development, Mediation, Senior Seminar


I teach at Eastern because I believe in the mission of the University, i.e., Faith, Reason, and Justice. I appreciate the community of faculty and love the kindness of our students.


My research interest focuses on human relationships. Most recently, I co-authored a piece comparing the sub-culture of the scrapbooking community to the sub-culture of the triathlon community. I enjoy writing and reflecting on communication in a variety of environments.


  • Asante, M. and Morgan, J. W.  Resolve! Communication and Conflict Resolution. (Manuscript – currently seeking a publisher.)
  • Olsen, R. and Morgan, J.W. Communication Research Methods. (Manuscript – currently seeking a publisher.)


  • Olsen, R., & Morgan, J.W.  (2012). A dialectic perspective on communication and ethical reasoning. Christian Scholar’s Review 41 (2), 135-146.
  • Olsen, R. and Morgan, J. W.  (2010). Desperate for redemption: Desperate Housewives as redemptive media.  Journal of Popular Culture, 43, 330-347.
  • Olsen, R. and Morgan, J. W. (2009). “Happy Holidays”: Creating common ground in the “War on Christmas.”  Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, 21, n. p. (online).
  • Morgan, J.W., and Olsen, R. (2009). Discursive taboo in community discourse: Communication competence and biblical wisdom. Christian Scholar’s Review 38, 341-358.

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