Graduate Education Programs


Eastern University is committed to the preparation of professionals for teaching, research, consulting, curriculum development, and administration. The program provides opportunities for individuals to develop advanced knowledge and professional competence through both certification and degree programs. The aim is to prepare graduates for positions of responsibility and leadership.

To this end, we offer a PhD program in Organizational Leadership (Educational Leadership Concentration); five MEd programs (Multicultural Education, School Health Services, Special Education, Reading and TESOL); an MA in School Counseling; an MS in School Psychology; and certification programs (Counseling/Psychology, Instructional I, Specialist, and Educational Administration) listed below. Eastern's certification programs are designed to meet the standards of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Graduate Admissions Requirements

Degree Programs

Certification Programs

Specialist Certification Programs

Professional Programs

PhD in Organizational Leadership with The Pennsylvania Letter of Eligibility Certification: For educators who seek to serve as Superintendent of a School District

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