Leadership and Development Blogs

Here is a list (alpha by family name) of known blogs by alums, staff and friends of the Eastern's Graduate Leadership and Development programs:

TODD BOZES, a nonprofit management graduate, blogs on his weight-loss experience. Click here.

NISHANT DAS, an economic development graduate, along with Erin, blogs on their life in Bangladesh and their work with MCC. Click here.

ALEX ESCOBAR, a development graduate, blogs on coffee and where our food comes from. Click here.

DIANE FENDER, a development graduate, blogs on justice and gender issues for Girl's Globe, program development at She Is Safe. Click here.

TIM HOILAND, a professional author and one of our most eloquent graduates, blogs on "Gospel, Culture, Justice." Click here.

ADAM JESKE, a development graduate, blogs on a variety of current issues, at "Executing Ideas." Click here.

LINDSAY LINEGAR, an international development graduate, blogs on her world travels. Click here.

TODD RISSER, an international development graduate, blogs on theology, etc. Click here.

TIM SALMONSON has a blog called "Social Economics." Click here.

ANNE MOREL THOMPSON, an international development graduate, and husband David, have a blog called "Life on the Checkerboard." Click here.

CINDY TODD, an economic development graduate, blogs about the business she started, the Snohomish Soap Company. Click here.

CORALYN TURENTINE, an organizational leadership graduate, blogs about training and equipping social change agents. Click here.

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