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Book CoverBOOK on COMMUNITY-BASED TOURISM by Stan LeQuire and Leadership and Development graduate, Chantelle du Plessis -  Wild and Wonderful: Tourism, Faith and Communities     After logging thousands of miles in planes, jeeps, dugout canoes, pickup trucks, bicycles and on foot, LeQuire and du Plessis offer insights into how Christians around the world are using tourism to develop their villages while caring for both creation and culture.  Based on a multi-year research project, this book showcases innovative projects that Christian villagers and faith-based organizations are engaging to alleviate poverty through business ventures. Through a unique mix of travelogue and theological reflection, this book concludes with a challenge to the status quo of current short-term mission practice and provides thoughtful alternatives.

Here's an endorsement for the book:  "Wild and Wonderful opens a big, growing opportunity to make a difference. It's also very direct, practical, and clear."  Bill Drayton, CEO, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public.

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For more information about research into community-based ecotourism, please contact our Leadership and Development programs. You may also find information about faith-based groups that are using tourism as a model of economic development at the "Ecotourism Network" on Facebook.

BLOG on TOURISM: The Leadership and Development blogs on community-based ecotourism. Click on the linked text and start exploring!

Responsible Tourism? Here's a wonderfully-inspiring video from the United Nations on responsible tourism.

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