Tracey Greenwood, Ph.D.

Department Chair
Director of Exercise Science Program
Associate Professor of Exercise Science 
Coordinator Exercise Science Internships and Dept. of Kinesiology Lab

Office:  122 McInnis Learning Center
Phone:  610.225.5732


B.S. University of Delaware
M.S. Saint Joseph’s University
Ph.D. Temple University
At Eastern Since 2006


Dr. Greenwood is a Clinical Exercise Specialist with over 20 years of experience in the field of exercise science.  She has been teaching in the Department of Kinesiology at Eastern since 2006.  She has advanced training and teaching experience in Exercise Testing, Exercise Prescription, Metabolic Interactions and Business Administration for Exercise and Sport.  Dr. Greenwood resides in Wilmington, Delaware, and is the owner and entrepreneur of a personal training company for competitive female physique athletes.  Dr. Greenwood is also an active volunteer in the Adopt A Boxer Rescue program, and has a large canine family.


Health Promotion; Field Assessment Skills & Techniques; Exercise Testing & Prescription; Metabolic Interactions; Exercise Science Administration


Eastern University’s mission of faith, reason and justice is what made me want to teach here, but the students and faculty are what make we want to stay.  At Eastern University you'll find a Theological perspective on every subject taught.  Professors at Eastern will bring you the same current, expert instruction found at secular schools, but reinforced and refined with eternal truth.
Teaching Exercise Science at Eastern University allows me to instruct how optimal physical fitness of the body, including weight and cardiovascular training, is an affirmation of three foundational theological principles of human embodiment:  as created in the “imago Dei”, as unified body/spirit, and as part of God’s creation calling for proper stewardship.


Dr. Greenwood's research interests include substrate utilization during exercise, low carbohydrate diets and body image.  Dr. Greenwood is also a Contributing Science Author for Fitness Prescription for Women.


  • Decreasing Abdominal Fat, Fitness Rx, April 2011
  • Eat More, Lose More, Fitness Rx August 2011
  • Exercises for Improving Fitness & Decreasing Fat, Fitness Rx Aug 2011
  • Burn More Fat the Low Carbohydrate Way, Fitness Rx Oct 2011
  • The Principles of the hCG Diet, Fitness Rx Oct 2011
  • Anti-Inflammatory Diet, Fitness Rx Feb. 2012
  • Publication in The Journal of Religion and Health
  • A Journey Towards Wholeness, J Relig Health DOI 10.1007/s10943-011-9546-9

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