Student Teaching Overseas

International Student Teaching at Eastern University

Since 1994, Eastern University has been an active member of the Christian College Teacher Education Coordinating Council (CCTECC), which is a voluntary organization of Christian colleges and universities providing qualified students with opportunities for an international student teaching experience.

Since that time, several dozen education students from Eastern have completed their student teaching in various mission and international schools around the world which provides rich cross cultural experiences and unique challenges. The overseas placement is typically 7 weeks and immediately follows the 7 weeks of student teaching experience at a local site.

Interested students may apply during their sophomore year (or within the first two months of their junior year) for an overseas placement to be completed in their last year at Eastern, either the fall or spring semester.  Each applicant is considered on his or her own merit. Preference is given to students who exhibit characteristics suitable for these placements, have previous cross cultural experiences, and have a strong academic foundation in their major and in education courses.

Students accepted for this program must attend a weekend retreat/orientation in the September or April prior to the student teaching semester. This experience involves a $375 fee for the retreat and securing the international placement and students are also responsible for their own transportation to and from the placement.

Students who are both regular ed and special ed majors must do two placements respectively.  This prevents students from participating in the student teaching overseas program as all student teachers must complete 7 weeks of successful student teaching in a regular classroom before going overseas.

For more information stop by the education department or contact the coordinator of the international student teaching program:

   Dr. David Greenhalgh

       Eagle Learning Center- Room 305

       Phone: 610-225-5725 or Fax: 484-581-1276



Click HERE to visit the CCTECC site, where you can:

   Download an application

   Peruse the listing of possible schools as well as viewing their respective website

   Read about the CCTECC service


For students who are completing their overseas placement, you'll need the following:

   A copy of the Education Department's handbook (click to view/download)

   A copy of the Pennsylvania evaluation form necessary for certification (PDE 430 forms)

   Your final portfolio should be a professional presentation of the following:

       Summary of your student teaching experience - 5-10 pages

       Daily journal (approx. half page per day)

       Unit plans (follow the handbook outline) including daily lesson plans and culminating activities

       Lesson plans from other subjects taught

       Evaluations from cooperating teacher

       Evaluations form university supervisor and principal of overseas placement

       Pictures of bulletin boards, special activities (e.g. field trips)

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