Michael Thomas, Psy.D.

Professional Biography
Michael Thomas is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning at Eastern University. Dr. Thomas is a licensed psychologist and his areas of specialty include eating disorders, religious/ spiritual issues, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Along with his work at the university, Dr. Thomas founded Recovery Spark, a website that provides creative, high quality recovery resources for individuals who suffer from bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other forms of disordered eating.

He is also the Program Administrator of Dine Eating Disorder Services a national outpatient meal support program for individuals suffering from eating disorders.

He and his wife, Lindley, serve as the leaders of the community group ministry and marriage mentoring program at Six:Eight Community Church in Ardmore, PA.

Contact Information
PHONE: 610-724-3505
FAX: 610-341-1460
EMAIL: mthoma11@eastern.edu

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology, Regent University School of Psychology and Counseling
M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Regent University School of Psychology and Counseling
B.S. in Biblical Studies, Cairn University

Research and Selected Publications
Thomas, M., Moriarty, G., Davis, E., & Anderson, E. (2011). The effects of a manualized group-psychotherapy intervention on client God images and attachment to God: A pilot study. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 39, 44-58.

Moriarty, G., Thomas, M., Allmond, J. (2008). God image psychotherapy: Comparing approaches. Journal of Spirituality in Mental Health, 8, 247-255. doi: 10.1300/J515v09n03-12

Olson, T., Tisdale, T. C., Davis, E. B., Moriarty, G. L., & Thomas, M. J. (2013, August). Effects of a manualized narrative-experiential group psychotherapy intervention on client god images, God attachment, and narrative identity. In E. B. Davis & G. L. Moriarty (Chairs), God images and god concepts: Advances in theory, assessment, treatment, and applied-research. Paper as part of a symposium conducted at the 121st Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association. Honolulu, HI.

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