Sociology Internships FAQ's

1. How many hours must I work?

Academic credit is earned based on the number of hours worked. An internship requires 40 hours of work for every 1 hour of academic credit (spread over the course of a semester).

2. Is there a limit on the number of academic credit hours I can earn toward my major in sociology?

Yes, the total credit hours earned can range from 1-6, translating into 40 – 240 hours of work.

3. Who is responsible for finding me an internship?

Since internships are not required in obtaining a sociology major, you, as the student, are responsible for initiating the internship process.  On the back of this brochure is a partial list of possible internships that the Department of Sociology has compiled.

4. What is the internship process?

Pre-registration: Complete the form found on the back of this brochure. The purpose of this form is for your faculty advisor to obtain basic information about you, as well as to aid you in assessing your basic areas of interest and abilities, and narrow down possibilities for internships. You should also complete your resume at this time.
Schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor: Bring your completed pre-registration form, as well as any possible internship ideas. The purpose of this meeting is to review your interests and abilities, decide on an internship, and edit your personal resume.
Contact the organization: You will be responsible for contacting the organization, arranging any interviews, and submitting any paper work required by the organization.
Meet with the Chair of the Department of Sociology: In this meeting you will confirm your plans for your internship (specific organization, schedule, and responsibilities) and sign the sociology department internship contract.
Register for SOC495 Sociology Internship:  Take this course in the semester that you want to receive the academic credit.

5. What assignments will be required of me in my internship?

In addition to your work assignments at your internship, the sociology department expects you to keep a journal in which you will write a brief weekly entry describing and reflecting on your experiences, and expressing any concerns or questions pertaining to your internship. You are required to fill out a log of hours you work. Your agency supervisor will be required to complete two evaluation forms: one at mid-semester and the other, the final evaluation form, at the end of your internship.  Upon completion of your internship, you will write a brief paper (5-7 pages) discussing what you have learned about yourself, about your internship, and the impact that it has had on your future plans.

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