Why Major in Entrepreneurial Studies?

The BA in Entrepreneurial Studies at Eastern University equips students with knowledge of the business and economic world in order to cultivate entrepreneurial thinking that students can apply in a variety of business settings. Students will graduate with an expansive skill-set, as well as a highly customized pathway for success in multiple business systems, such as new ventures, franchises, corporate ventures, socially responsible companies, and family businesses. Internship and study abroad opportunities are available and strongly encouraged for students pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurial Studies.

Mario Martinez ’15
“The ENTR Major at Eastern taught me how to work “ON” my business, allowing me to step outside the day to day operations and focus on long term growth.  Entrepreneurship is all about learning to be resourceful and to execute a business idea in a timely and efficient manner. This is exactly the type of mindset that the ENTR Major at Eastern provides.”

Mario Martinez ’15, Co-Founder - Wisdom Capital LLC

Featured Faculty Member

Al Socci, DBA

Al SocciDr. Socci is a high energy instructor who loves the classroom and interacting with his students. Presently, he serves as the Social Science Division Head and is the SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) faculty advisor. Dr. Socci previously taught at Eastern Nazarene College where he served as Department Chair in Business and Dean of Adult and Continuing Education. His business experience is mainly in the small business sector where he specialized in general management within the wholesale distribution sector. He has also been involved in a number of entrepreneurial start-ups and managed the operations for numerous successful entrepreneurs. He received his BS from Bentley College, his MA from Framingham State College and his DBA from Nova Southeastern University.

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Why Major in Business at Eastern University?