Why Major in Management?

Students major in management in order to acquire and develop the technical and behavioral competencies necessary to plan, organize, lead, and effectively manage groups and organizations in a commercial setting. These competencies are developed both in the classroom and in the workplace when students include the optional internship (up to 12 credits) in their course plan. The management major is often combined with another business major or minor (e.g., accounting, marketing, entrepreneurial studies), enabling students to tailor their academic experience in preparation for their desired post-graduation industry, profession, or role. 

Eastern business department alumni have graduated to serve in a wide-spectrum of roles including partners in local businesses, buyers for e-commerce companies, marketing communications, and human resource management. Graduates have also gone on to MBA programs throughout the region and nation.

“Due to the small classroom size of Eastern, each of my classes encouraged an open discussion and valued the diverse opinions of each individual. In having these discussions, I was able to understand the value of others opinions and allowed me to think more holistically with each decision. This skill set was invaluable as I transitioned to the working world and is a skill set I fall back on each and every day. In addition to my academic career, I was also a student athlete at Eastern, and my professors were extremely understanding and helpful throughout the season; they even followed our sports teams and were extremely supportive of our athletic careers! I truly believe the school as well as the community has shaped the woman I am today and I am extremely grateful for everything Eastern has taught me.”

Lauren Sproles ’15, University Relations & Partnerships Lead at Vanguard

Featured Faculty Member

Richard Harvey Jonsen, PhD

Rick Jonsen, MHROD

Dr. Jonsen joined the Eastern University Business Department faculty in 2009 following a 25-year career in operations and human resources management, the last 12 of which were with Johnson & Johnson. Immediately preceding EU, Rick was Director of Talent Acquisition for the Johnson & Johnson U.S. pharmaceutical businesses. In the classroom, Dr. Jonsen draws on his industry experience using a discussion-based teaching style, focusing on practical application of the material under study. Students leave each course not only equipped to apply specific management skills in the workplace, but having more deeply explored their faith and its implications for business leaders and managers in the 21st century. Dr. Jonsen holds a B.A. from San Francisco State University, M.H.R.O.D. from the University of San Francisco, and Ph.D. from Eastern University. His research on the topics of workplace community, strategic human resource management, stakeholder theory, and firm governance has been published in the Journal of Management, Spirituality, and Religion and the Journal of Biblical Integration in Business. Learn more about Professor Jonsen.

Why Major in Business at Eastern University?