Minor in Gender Studies

Why Minor in Gender Studies at Eastern? 

Eastern Students have the option of registering for a minor in Gender Studies.  This minor is ‘housed’ in the Psychology Department, and any questions can be directed to Dr. Landi Turner (Email: YTurner2@eastern.edu)

Course Number Course Name Credit
  Choose any 6 Courses from the list below
(18 Credits required for the Gender Studies Minor):
BIBL 325 Women in Scripture and Tradition 3
COMM 304 Family Communication 3
COMM 322 Mass Media and Cultural Studies 3
ENGL 210 Literature of Women 3
ENGL 225 Post-colonial Women's Novels 3
ENGL/PSYC 299 Seminar by the Sea: Gender Studies 3
INST 480 Christian Marriage 3
POLI 316 Women and Politics 3
SOCI 310 The Family 3
SOCI 312 Majority/Minority Relations 3
SOCI 315 Social Stratification 3
SOWK 110 Human Diversity and Social Interaction 3
SOWK 253 Social Work with Families 3
THEO 316 Theology of the Body 3
  Total Credit Hours: 18

Full descriptions of undergraduate course offerings are available in Eastern's undergraduate course catalog.