Minor in Juvenile Justice Ministry

The United States incarcerates more of its citizens and more of its children than any country in the industrialized world. Hundreds of thousands are permanently denied certain rights of citizenship as a result of felony convictions.  Youth are being fed, unjustly, into this system. The poor and people color are disproportionately affected.  Black and Latino youth are treated more harshly at every stage of the justice system. Almost $6 billion is spent a year to incarcerate youth with non-violent offenses. The school to prison pipeline has become a reality in many cities around the country, and incarceration has become a big business at the expense of society’s most vulnerable—children.

The Juvenile Justice Ministry Minor prepares people to minister holistically to youth offenders (up to age 25) and their families.  Students will develop a comprehensive approach to life-changing Christian ministry that includes trauma-informed intervention, advocacy, and personal nurture with youth offenders, returning citizens, and their families. Hands-on experience is included in the curriculum. The courses may be taken as a 12-credit stand alone certificate program, and traditional undergraduate students may take the courses as a minor. It is a great way to add another credential to one's existing program of study.


Course Name Credit
Healing Communities 3
Engaging High Risk Youth 1
Role of the Youth Worker 1
Programming for Youth Development 1
Institutional Ministry Models 1
Contributing Factors to Delinquency 1
Reentry and Aftercare Models 3
Ministry Practicum 1
Total Credit Hours: 12