Howard Fellows Testimonials

A Word From Our Fellows

“Working through the Howard Fellows program at Eastern introduced me to the world of web development, and gave me a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into promoting the many facets of university life. I owe the direction of my educational interests and future career path to the Howard Fellows program. The lessons I have learned and the relationships that have formed from my experience here have transformed the way I look at the work I do and the impact it can have on those around me.”

Katherine Simpson (Senior, Class of 2015)

“Coming to Eastern I was set on being a history teacher, but Howard Fellows opened my eyes to so many different career paths. I have the opportunity to work with Brandon Hodnett and even though I don't see myself being a sports director I was curious to see what else broadcasting has to offer. After looking around I know I want to be a research analyst for a news station. I want to be the reason why people know the news. This program offers so many different opportunities and as students who are close to entering the real world we should take advantage of them and see what else is out there.”

Taylor Lee (Sophomore, Class of 2017)

A Word From Our Mentors

One of the many things we love about being a Howard Fellow is our mentorship experience. Not only do we get real world experience in the field of media and technology, but we gain a mentor who walks with us through college life and beyond. Here are just a few mentors, but we have many more to choose from.

“My title may say 'Howard Fellows Mentor' but I feel I may be the one learning more. The unique relationship between the mentor and mentee allows knowledge to pass both ways. I have learned multiple skills and lessons in the area of leadership. Those who I mentor receive working experience in a low-key atmosphere. I really value my time working with Howard Fellows and would encourage anyone looking to get involved to do it. It really is a wonderful program!”

Jeff Russell (Admissions Counselor)