To ensure the health and safety of all during COVID-19, the following policy has been enacted for Essential Visitors and Guests.

Eastern University has been blessed with a beautiful campus which we traditionally share freely with our neighbors and members of our community.  Unfortunately, due to COVID- 19, we must close our doors to the general public. Until further notice, only those with official business pertaining to the operations of the University will be allowed on campus. 

Those with official business are identified as "Essential Visitors" and must be screened at the Visitor Check in. All others are "Guests" and must have the approval of the VP of the Division to enter campus. See the full list below.

Thank you for your understanding in this unprecedented time and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

- Please also view the Visitor-Policy for Residential, Athletic and Performing Arts Events.

A letter to the Community from President Matthews

Dear Neighbor, 

I hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones well during these turbulent times. 

Eastern University started our Fall 2020 Semester five weeks ago and so far, we are off to  a great start. We are committed to ensuring a safe campus for our students, faculty, and  staff. As part of this commitment, we tested all residential students prior to Move-In to  ensure that no one with COVID-19 was permitted to move onto our campus. We  minimized the need for students to leave campus and changed our semester schedule to  lessen off-campus travel. 

Because of our deep commitment to keeping our students safe, our campus is currently  and completely closed to the public until the pandemic ends. This means that  neighbors, friends, and visitors, are not currently permitted anywhere on Eastern  University’s campus. 

We know that many of you enjoy walking or jogging on our campus, and we typically  welcome you to our beautiful grounds! However, we need to ask for your assistance by  staying away from campus for now. 

I know that we will all be deeply grateful when the COVID-19 pandemic passes, and we  look forward to having you back on our campus when that time comes. In the meantime,  thank you for your partnership in keeping our students and our community safe. 

With appreciation, 
Dr. Ronald A. Matthews 
President, Eastern University


Mandatory Guidelines

All Essential Visitors and Guests must follow the University’s Health and Safety Plan including, but not limited to: 

  • Making an appointment with the person or department they are coming to visit
  • Filling out the University’s COVID-19 Daily Checklist (PDF) or COVID-19 Daily Checklist (Webform)
  • Wearing masks - either a CDC-approved, personal mask, or a disposable mask provided by the University
  • Practice Social Distancing including adhering to any taped distancing markers and plexiglass barriers
  • Check in at one of the following locations for confirmation of  COVID-19 Daily Checklist and Temperature Check before proceeding to their destination on the St. Davids campus:  

Check-In Locations

  1. ELC Hall - Front Desk, 1st Floor
  2. Fowler Hall - Admissions Desk (Undergraduate Admissions Guests only)
  3. Adams Hall - Front Desk ( Restricted to Plant Operations & Facilities Contractors only)


Self-monitoring is required for the safety of the entire Eastern University Community. Essential Visitors and Guests with any of the following attributes will not be permitted to visit main campus or satellite campuses or attend University events:

  • A temperature greater than 100.3 degrees within 24 hours of visiting campus.
  • Tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 30 days.
  • Direct contact with a patient confirmed to have COVID-19 or with someone who is under care for suspected exposure to COVID-19 within the last 14 days. 
  • Traveled internationally or to a region that has high COVID-19 exposure rates within the last 14 days.  

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, senior citizens and visitors with other health conditions are at higher risk.

For Out of State Travelers
Please see the Pennsylvania Governor’s Order issued November 17, 2020 from the Wolf administration regarding out of state travelers which is currently in effect.  

Important Note

These policies will be in effect starting August 1, 2020 but may change at any time.  Depending on prevalent conditions, the University may distinguish guidance between Essential Visitors and Guests.

COVID-19: Visitors Policy - University Population Definitions 

Our University Population is split into three parts:

  • University Community Members
  • Essential Visitors
  • Guests

An Essential Visitor is defined as an individual that while not a member of the University Community, is still vital to the University operations (delivery personnel, contractors, auditors, etc.)  All other non-Community Members are defined as Guests. A listing of Essential Visitors and Guests can be found below. 

Protocols for Guests admittance will be established by the COVID-19 Taskforce overseeing that area of the University. At any time the Leadership Team may decide that no Guests will be permitted on campus due COVID -19 and Campus Community safety concerns.

    Types of Visitors

    University Community Member

    A University Community Member is defined as a person with a daily or weekly reason for coming to campus:

    • Staff & Faculty
    • Students
    • Researchers & Fellows
    • Board Members
    • Full-Time Contracted Partners
      • Sodexo
      • CSI
      • Follette
    •  Academic Partnerships
      • Sider Center
    Essential Visitor

    Guests of Students:

    • Family
    • Friends (from Off Campus)
    • Sport spectators
    • Performance Audience

    Contractors: A person on campus to provide a service and called as needed:

    • Plant Operations
      • Electricians
      • Plumbers
      • HV/AC
      • Painters
      • Grounds Team
      • Installations Teams
      • Movers
      • etc.
    • IT
    • Consultants
    • ProShred

    Regulatory Auditors:

    • Finance
    • Middle States
    • Accreditation Review
    • Investigators
    • Federal Agencies; transcripts, work history etc.


    • Admissions & Enrollment
      • Admissions Prospective Students & Families
    • Guests of the President

    Families or Friends of Employees

    Event Guests


      • Guests Lecturers, Speakers, Preachers, Performers, and Guest Audience


      • Alumni
      • Alumni Council
      • Donors & Prospective Donors

      External Clients:

      • Summer Conferences
      • Field rentals
      • Building and Classroom rental clients,  Aug - May

      Other Greater Community Members: 

      • Event Guests
      • Neighbors
      • Minor-Aged Guests
        • Planetarium & Observatory 
          • Barry School & CornerStone Academy etc
        • Music School
        • Field Rental
      • Video Content Talent
      • Sales Reps

      Health & Safety Plan: Read Eastern's detailed plan, designed to keep all members of our community safe.