We're committed to keeping our campus and community safe during COVID-19. Thanks for your partnership!

Fall 2021 COVID Dashboard

Thank you for your patience as we update our policies based on the latest guidelines from the CDC and State of PA Departments of Health and Education. Below please see our updated Campus Masking Policy. If you have any questions please email: reopening@eastern.edu

President's COVID Guidance: 8/27/21

Dear Eastern University Residential Students,

Welcome back! We have worked diligently to prepare for a great year and we look forward to being together as we live, learn, and grow. This email is to provide the most recent update for our COVID-19 procedures affecting vaccinated individuals and unvaccinated individuals. This update is effective immediately.

As of today, the Centers for Disease Control and Protection and the state of Pennsylvania have not mandated masking indoors. This continues to be our present position for the St. Davids Campus and represents the majority practice of the universities in our educational associations. 

However, you should always have a mask with you in case it is needed. There will be certain events, courses, and offices where masking will be required to accommodate specific needs of people or facilities for safety and wellness. We must accept and respect these situations. Given the huge global impact of COVID-19 and its more transmissible variants such as Delta, this accommodation is a reasonable one.

With emerging COVID-19 variants, research continues to confirm that vaccines are highly effective against symptomatic disease and hospitalization due to COVID-19 and the Delta variant. In late spring, a survey of our faculty and staff indicated that a majority of the respondents are or planned to be vaccinated and we urge all students and the larger EU Community to get vaccinated. Getting vaccinated significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19 and variants. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a study reporting that individuals who've had COVID are twice as likely to get reinfected as those who have been vaccinated. Please get vaccinated if you are able.

Residential Student Protocols for COVID-19 and Variants for Fall Semester 2021

  1. Monthly and symptomatic testing will be maintained throughout the academic year for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.
  2. Contact tracing will be maintained when indicated to track exposure to COVID-19. During the semester, students who test positive, who live within two hours driving distance, will be asked to return home for isolation.
  3. Masking is strongly recommended when inside buildings, regardless of vaccination status. 
  4. If you haven’t done so yet, students must submit the EU COVID-19 Acknowledgement Form available from the Student Development Office. This form acknowledges more comprehensive measures, if needed, to manage COVID-19.
  5. Residence Halls will be using the Phase System for visitation and we will start in Phase C. No visitors or commuters are allowed in the Residence Halls after move-in day.
  6. Fully Vaccinated students do not have to quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19 unless they have symptoms. Fully vaccinated people should get tested 3-5 days after their exposure, even if they don’t have symptoms, and wear a mask indoors in public for 14 days following exposure or until a test result is negative.
  7. Unvaccinated students, identified as being in direct contact with a positive case, must quarantine for 7 days. Two negative tests must be completed prior to your release from quarantine. Test on day 5 and day 7.
  8. Vaccinated students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate for ten days. You must be symptom free for 24 hours prior to your return to campus/release from isolation.
  9. Unvaccinated students who test positive for COVID-19 are required to isolate for ten days. You must be symptom free for 24 hours prior to your return to campus/release from isolation.
  10. Commuter students should remain home if sick.
  11. All students must be cleared by the Health Center prior to returning to campus/class.

Note: Isolation ends after day 10 for positive cases. Quarantine ends after day 7, with 2 negative test results (test must occur on day 5 and day 7).

It is important for students to recognize that the University cannot guarantee clinical, field or internship placements for unvaccinated students. Students are required to comply with the expectations of the agency or facility. The University cannot guarantee an alternative experience and program progression may be impacted if unable to attend a clinical, field or internship. Students should contact their Program director immediately with questions or concerns. 

We will continue to monitor ongoing information regarding COVID-19, its variants, and recommendations, and will modify our protocols if indicated.

We endeavor to maintain an environment of safety, respect, freedom, and responsibility. COVID-19 has presented us with an opportunity to nurture and strengthen personal responsibility, increased sensitivity to others, appreciation for the resources entrusted to our community, and resiliency that will be of lifelong benefit entering into a future that may be volatile, wonderful, and demanding. Let’s prepare together.

May God bless and protect us all and I encourage us to draw on the ancient guidance from the Church: Ora et Labora -- Pray and Work.  

Thank you for choosing Eastern University. We are glad you are here.


Dr. Ronald A. Matthews

Employee Update

COVID Update for University Employees: July 16, 2021

The Pennsylvania Governor has recently lifted many pandemic related mandates and restrictions therefore the following guidance is effective immediately. 

The main campus, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia locations are open and operational; employees working at Esperanza should follow the Esperanza guidance and directives.  Managers are encouraged to review requests for alternative work assignments and consider flextime or partial telecommuting options; if job appropriate, high priority should be given to those that are at high risk. Visitors access remains restricted until August 1, 2021.

All employees should continue to follow hygiene protocols and other guidance to reduce the risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19. If you have a fever at or over 100.4 degrees, a cough, or shortness of breath, do not report to work on campus. Supervisors should notify Human Resources at hr@eastern.edu of any employees who have COVID-19, or believe they may have contracted or been exposed to COVID-19. Supervisors should also notify HR of any employee who has been out sick for three (3) or more consecutive days.

  • The mask mandate policy has been lifted for fully vaccinated employees on campus.  Fully vaccinated status is defined as completing a two week waiting period after receiving your final dose of the vaccine. All unvaccinated personnel are strongly encouraged to wear a mask on-campus unless alone and/or outside.
  • All employees are expected to return to work onsite no later than August 2, 2021.
  • Vaccinated employees are no longer required to complete the daily Campus Clear App; however, all employees should continue to self-monitor, and stay home if sick. 
  • Visitors are still required to utilize the various check-in points and wear masks and social distance if not vaccinated. Cleared visitors will display an arm bracelet confirming check-in.
  • Occupancy limits have been lifted and full functions may resume. 
  • Where applicable, plexiglass barriers will remain in place.  Replenishment of other personal and protective equipment may be obtained by contacting hraa@eastern.edu and for sanitizing supplies place a work order with Plant Operations. 
  • Employees should follow the CDC guidance for travel restrictions and quarantine requirements. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/index.html.  
  • In-person meetings may resume, but to the extent possible,  online options should be made available for unvaccinated meeting participants, or those with underlying medical conditions or other concerns.
  • If job-appropriate, employees may request permission to telecommute (i.e., work from home) 1-2 days per week. Employees and supervisors considering this option should be mindful of the following:
  • All telecommuting requests must be approved by the Division leader (i.e., President, Provost, or Vice President).  The approval may change or end at any time and will be reviewed periodically for renewal or updates. 
  • Employees on Performance Improvement Plans (PIP) may not be eligible for telecommuting.
  • Employees are responsible for providing remote internet access. 
  • Employees that require VPN access to the University’s network must use an EU-issued computer.  Supervisors must ensure that appropriate computing resources are available before approving a telecommuting application.
  • All EU information is considered confidential and the data utilized in a remote location should be maintained and protected.  Computers should be shut down and locked when not in use.
  • Calls and Zoom meetings should be conducted in a professional manner, including the use of appropriate attire and webcam backgrounds, and the mitigation of ambient noises and other distractions.

Please review the University’s guidance for Telecommuting:  Working from Home dated 07/16/2021.

Archived Spring 2021 Policies