MA in Urban Studies and Young Life

Eastern University has partnered with Young Life to offer the following benefits for Young Life associates, employees and their spouses who are interested in pursuing the Master of Arts in Urban Studies degree with a concentration in Youth Development (concentrations in Juvenile Justice Ministry and Community Development also available to Young Life, although fewer credits transfer):

    25% discount in tuition
    Waived application fee
    Up to 12 credit hours for taking Young Life training courses (depending on which concentration you choose to pursue)
    Students can also request reimbursement grants for travel, housing and meals during the residencies from Young Life
    Additional tuition Assistance may be available from Young Life

Qualified Credit Hours

Learning Experience/Course Title (Young Life) Eastern University Course Equivalent
Life of Christ; Communicating Christ to the Adolescent Culture URBN 510: Christ and the City (3 credits)*
Foundations of Incarnational Youth Ministry or Practical Theology YTHL 525: Theological Foundations of Urban Youth Ministry (3 credits)
Adolescent Issues & Culture-Counseling YTHL 545: Psychosocial Assessment: Understanding Urban Youth (3 credits)
Leadership 1 YTHL 695: Leadership Practicum 1 - Programming (1.5 credits)*
Leadership 2 YTHL 696: Leadership Practicum 2 - Administration (1.5 credits)*
* Only these courses may be applied toward the Community Development concentration.

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