Hope Rising: Senior Dance Concert February 3-5

St. Davids, PA, 1/23/17: Come witness the entertaining artistry of Eastern’s Senior Dance Majors as they present compelling choreographic works that reflect four years of exploration and achievement. Over the weekend of February 3rd-5th these choreographers are offering two complete programs comprised of three major works each, so be sure to catch them all! 

Program A’s exciting lineup includes Jordan Bonney’s The Fight to Float where an underwater adventure is revealed depicting the resiliency it takes to overcome struggling in the face of drowning by persevering and floating to safety.  Next is Alex Robert’s mature, topical work, Bring Her Home which sheds light on the raw and true stories of trafficked and sexually abused victims in today’s world. Influenced by the character of Fantine in Les Miserables, this cathartic work may produce a strong emotional response.  Lastly is Dominique Ridley’s My Doxology: A Hymn of Praise which invites the audience into her personal journey of worship, moving from conformity to freedom. This energetic, autobiographical work provides commentary on the norms of worship within the modern church.

Program B’s enthralling lineup includes Samantha Ambrico’s The Journey Unseen which invites the audience to experience an adventure into darkness. This semiautobiographical piece explores the unique aspects of living with blindness. Blindfolded dancers embark on a tactile, courageous exploration of adapting to a life lived differently. Next is Hannah Brumbach’s Hymn Study which is a portrait of reminiscence. Hymns are familiar, serving to mend together the recollective feelings of our pasts with the promise that the future brings; they help us to make sense of where we have been in order to pursue where we are going. This uplifting work is a memorial of this reflective phenomenon. Lastly is Megan Schultz’s Promise through the Shadows which poses the question “What room does fear have?” During this triumphant piece the audience will realize that despite our daily fears, God will always provide us with the strength to overcome them.

Show A: Friday, February 3 at 8pm and
Saturday, February 4 at 3pm

Jordan Bonney
Alexandra Roberts
Dominique Ridley

Show B: Saturday, February 4 at 8pm and
Sunday, February 5 at 3pm

Samantha Amrbico
Hannah Brumbach
Megan Schultz

All Performances in
McInnis Auditorium

Students with Eastern ID: $5
Children 10 and under: $5
General Admission: $10

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