Dr. John Nordlof Receives International Writing Award

St. Davids, PA, November 11, 2015: Eastern University Writing Specialist, Dr. John Nordlof, has received international recognition from the International Writing Centers Association (IWCA). His award-winning article, “Vygotsky, Scaffolding, and the Role of Theory in Writing Center Work,” appeared in Volume 34 of The Writing Center Journal and was awarded the 2015 IWCA Outstanding Article Award in October.

"It was a great honor for me to receive this recognition from colleagues in the writing center community. In my article I approached a longstanding issue in writing center studies, and I tried to address it in a new way. I am pleased that it has already been seen by others as helpful in pointing to a new way forward in the field." said Dr. Nordlof of this honor.

Founded in 1983, IWCA seeks to enhance the professional development of writing center directors by “sponsoring meetings, publications, and other professional activities; by encouraging scholarship connected to writing center-related fields; and by providing an international forum for writing center concerns.” As one of its annual awards meant to encourage those in the writing field, the IWCA Outstanding Article Award is presented to nominated articles that discuss writing center theory, practice, research, and history.

One IWCA committee member said of Dr. Nordlof’s work, “Amidst a sea of RAD writing center research and excitement surrounding replicable methods for data-driven research, Nordlof’s article challenges us to think carefully about the important role theory should, but most often doesn’t, play in writing center research. His decision to use Vygotsky and the concept of scaffolding as lenses for reconsidering the popular directive/non-directive paradigm is smart, refreshing, and much needed.”

Dr. Nordlof has served as a Writing Specialist in Eastern University’s Cushing Center for Counseling and Academic Support for many years. In addition to running the Writing Center on the St. Davids campus, he supervises and trains between 40-60 Peer Writing Tutors and Teaching Assistants to enhance writing support for both graduate and undergraduate courses.

“John Nordlof has represented Eastern very well in the world of University Writing Center experts,” said Vice Provost for Student Development, Dr. Bettie Ann Brigham.  “The model he has developed and uses to train Eastern University Writing Center peer tutors as well as the Writing Across the Curriculum, writing fellows (also students, who work alongside faculty in writing intensive courses at Eastern) has been a model for other colleges and university writing center directors, across the country.”

Learn more about Dr. Nordlof’s award and to see a full announcement.

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