People's Light and Theatre

Holly Harrison and Stephanie Oelrich wait at intermission for the wondrous production of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale at the People’s Light Theater.

Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale is a rich text for Dr. Lemay’s interests in theology and aesthetics.  Dr. Lemay writes, “I am currently writing an article on the phenomenological use of gifts in this play, and I also teach an entire seminar on Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale. Holly is my teaching assistant, and we have been discussing different teaching philosophies as well as diverse pedagogical techniques to use in the classroom. I have really enjoyed my conversations with Holly in our weekly meetings and appreciated her real talent for leading class discussion.”  

After seeing the performance and working closely with Dr. Lemay, Holly writes: It was a hugely rewarding (not to mention entertaining!) experience to go to the People’s Light performance with our Winter’s Tale seminar. I have been completely immersed in this play since August, when I started working with Dr. Blue to do research for the senior seminar. Through this process, I have not only gotten to pursue my interest in teaching by seeing what it takes to put together a course, but I have also begun discovering what it is to engage with a work in a scholarly way. It is a fascinating, new experience to take in so much scholarship on a single play and then to attempt to join that conversation as I begin to write my thesis on the same! Although it is certainly intimidating, Dr. Blue’s insistence that scholarship should be a process of wonder has helped to form my understanding of what it means to be a student, a scholar, and a teacher.

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