Dr. David Bradstreet Releases New Spitz Fulldome Vol. 2 Planetarium Curriculum

St. Davids, PA, September 20, 2013: Dr. David H. Bradstreet '76, Professor of astronomy and physics and Observatory/Planetarium Director at Eastern University, has completed Volume 2 of the popular Spitz Fulldome Curriculum. Many of the illustrations and videos were created by Steve Sanders '01 who works with Dr. Bradstreet at Eastern University.

Since Eastern University purchased the Spitz SciDome for its Julia Fowler Planetarium, Dr. Bradstreet has been developing new lessons and programs to take full advantage of the SciDome features and capabilities. He first produced Volume 1 of the curriculum in November, 2009.

Dr. Bradstreet says, "Astronomy education remains an exciting and sorely neglected discipline in our schools. I envision that digital planetariums, when used creatively and effectively, can revolutionize and revitalize the astronomy education community and stimulate people to look at planetariums in an entirely new way. I hope that Volume 2 of the Fulldome Curriculum plays a strong role to that end."

Volume 2 includes full classes such as those used by the Boy Scouts to obtain an astronomy badge, and 22 mini-lessons on everything from constellations to comets. There are over 100 SciDomes in the U.S. who now have the capability to use and adapt these lessons for students and audiences of all ages.

Some preliminary reviews are coming in from planetariums throughout the country.

Linda Powell, Planetarium Director at the State Museum of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, writes, "My Fulldome Curriculum Volume 2 (FDC2) arrived the end of last week and wow! I am so excited to start working with it. FDC1 has been a huge asset to my work here and I can tell already that FDC2 will be an even greater resource in developing and providing programming for our visitors. Our Museum Educator, whose background is in history, absolutely loves the US History lessons. Being able to include history in the planetarium lessons has been a major addition to our educational programming. Visitors here at The State Museum will have their horizons expanded and a new way to view the universe due to the efforts of Dr. Bradstreet. Dr. Bradstreet has given not only his students, but colleagues and students around the world, an exciting new way to gain a deeper understanding of the universe."

Dr. Todd Young, Professor of physics and astronomy at Wayne State College in Nebraska, writes: "Once again Dr. David Bradstreet has created a Fulldome Curriculum of astronomy lessons and mini-lessons that are simultaneously educationally rich, visually spectacular, and entertainment-rich.  Some include truly one-of-a-kind visualizations of difficult astronomical concepts, like his lessons about eclipse seasons and timekeeping.  And his two lessons, the Lincoln Almanac Trial and astronomical history of Boston, are wonderful examples of how astronomy can be connected to other educational disciplines.  Dr. Bradstreet is a champion educator."

Laura J. Megeath, coordinator of the Appold Planetarium at Lourdes University in Ohio, writes: "The SciDome Fulldome Curriculum (FDC) delivers an entirely new perspective of constellations that can be seamlessly incorporated into lessons for young and old. One aspect of the FDC that I particularly appreciate is that the material can be used directly or tailored to specific teaching goals, audience levels, or to explain current astronomical events. Considerable thought and expertise went into developing these lessons that will be used by novice and expert planetarium instructors. The FDC is another step into transforming the planetarium into an immersive classroom in which our students will learn history, geology, and physics, as well as astronomy."

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