New Master of Arts in Theological and Cultural Anthropology

St. Davids, PA, October 4, 2013: Eastern University  announces a new graduate program, the MA in Theological and Cultural Anthropology. This 11-month program is a blend of classes in anthropology, theology, and economic development. It will prepare students to teach as anthropologists, consult as ethnographers, manage teams in cross-cultural settings, work for Christian agencies, and go on to doctoral programs. 

A team of scholars at Eastern, including Dr. Eloise Meneses (anthropology), Dr. David Bronkema (anthropology), Dr. Lindy Backues (theology), and Dr. Eric Flett (theology) has been developing this program over the past four years.

A grant from the John Templeton Foundation is funding the opening of the master’s program and an associated research project, entitled On Knowing Humanity.  The research project is a continuing series of colloquia that are open to the public and feature anthropologists from across the country.

The MA in Theological and Cultural Anthropology prepares students for jobs such as the following:

1. Anthropology Instructor - Teaching at community colleges or private high schools. A master’s degree is sufficient education to teach at this level.

2. Doctoral Candidate - Entering doctoral programs in anthropology with master’s level coursework, and a thesis, completed.

3. Mission Ethnographer - Doing research on cultures for mission and other church agencies. Analyzing the cultural elements in organizations and society for the purpose of effective cross-cultural communication.

4. Anthropological Consultant - Consulting for business, government, and nongovernmental service agencies as a fully trained ethnographer/anthropologist, thereby contributing to good practice in cross-cultural settings.

5. Higher Education for Management - Gaining a master’s degree in a cross-cultural social science for the purpose of advancement to management levels in current employment, where such higher education is encouraged.

For more information on either the master’s degree or the colloquia, contact Dr. Eloise Meneses at

Learn more about the MA in Theological and Cultural Anthropology.

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