New Book by Dr. Hall and Dr. Boyer Receives Award from Christianity Today

St. Davids, PA, December 17, 2013: Eastern University is pleased to announce that a new book by Dr. Steven Boyer and Dr. Christopher Hall of the Christian Studies Department has received an award from Christianity Today. In its January/February 2014 issue, Christianity Today recognizes The Mystery of God: Theology for Knowing the Unknowable as one of the top picks of the year in the theology and ethics category.

"Boyer and Hall do an excellent job unpacking the subject of mystery, which is constantly alluded to in theological work but rarely carefully analyzed. The authors achieve clarity without sacrificing depth," writes James Beilby, professor of biblical/theological studies at Bethel University.

Dr. Chris Hall, who received his PhD from Drew University and fills multiple roles within Eastern’s Christian Studies Department, has called this news “very encouraging.” In addition to being a distinguished professor of theology and director of academic spiritual formation, Dr. Hall serves as an editor for Christianity Today and is associate editor of the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture. 

Dr. Steven Boyer received his PhD from Boston University and has been a professor of theology at Eastern University since 1998. He reports that several discussions between him and Dr. Hall on the issue of theological mystery led to the writing of this book. The Mystery of God: Theology for Knowing the Unknowable seeks to evaluate the distinctively Christian way of understanding the unknown and its benefits within theological study. Topics covered include the incarnation, salvation, the Trinity, world religions and prayer.

Read more about Dr. Boyer and Dr. Hall’s book.

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