Application for Permission to Take Course Work Elsewhere

A student must apply for and receive permission before taking courses at another college/university in order to transfer the courses, credits and grades to Eastern University. Approval assures the student that credits and grades earned at other colleges will be calculated into the Eastern grade point average and courses will satisfy desired requirements or electives.


1. Fill out the form below.

2. Provide the course description(s) from the other institution in the appropriate box below.

3. For elective courses and courses on the 100-level in your major, you may electronically submit the form to the Registrar.

4. Notification is sent to the student via campus e-mail and noted in the Comments section of the student's degree audit.

5. It is your responsibility to register at the other institution and pay all applicable tuition and fees. When you have completed the approved course(s), complete a transcript request form to have the other institution send your official transcript to the Office of the Registrar , Eastern University, 1300 Eagle Road, St. Davids, PA 19087-3696. Attn: Kate Ralg.

Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

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