Ticket & Weather Policy

Ticket Policy

No tickets are required for the outside ceremony on the Auxiliary Field. 

In the event of rain, a rain poncho will be provided. No umbrellas will be allowed on the field, as they block the sight-lines of other guests. 

In the event of severe weather, tickets will be required to enter the ceremony location. Tickets will arrive to the address on file of the graduating student. Each student is given two (2) tickets. Seating will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis for those with tickets. No one will be admitted to the Gym without a ticket. Additional seats are available in the McInnis Auditorium for the live broadcast of the ceremony. Please cut out tickets and give them to your guests to bring to Commencement. Lost tickets cannot be replaced.

Commencement Cancellation Circumstances
and Procedures 

Please click here for the School Closing Infomation Page.

Should emergency conditions* cause a Commencement ceremony held on St. Davids campus to be canceled, the following protocol will be followed:

1. The call to hold or not hold Commencement will be made by the Provost, in consulation with the Director of Campus Services.

2. The call will be made:

  • Before 8:00am for the 10:00am ceremony
  • Before 1:00pm for the 3:00pm ceremony
  • At least two full hours before the start of any ceremony that may begin at another time.

3. Notification will be through the regular emergency and weather closing methods.

4. A cancelled Commencement ceremony will not be rescheduled.

5. A website will be set up that will contain the full speeches of all speakers, Presidents and Board Members greetings, scripture reading, student honors, graduated names, and other available information for student and guest review.

6. Diploma covers will be mailed out with the diplomas.

*Partial listing of possible causes for cancellation:

  • Snow/Ice
  • Hurricane/Tornado
  • Flooding
  • Dangerous conditions
  • International or area pandemic
  • Emergencies
  • Road closings
  • Venue specific emergency

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