Housing Change Requests

Roommate Conflict

What a blessing from God that we are all created so uniquely! Most of the time, we are able to celebrate the differences among us. However, in the midst of one of the biggest transitions in a student's life (going to college), sometimes it is difficult to see past the inconvenience of a person's differences. Eastern University considers the residence hall to be a venue for learning in many similar capacities as the classroom. Oftentimes students have never had to share a room with someone else, especially not someone who they know minimally at best. The residence hall is a good environment for students to work through these issues with one another and to develop considerate living habits as well as better communication and conflict-resolution skills.

Certainly there will be roommate conflicts that will be best resolved by adjusting students' housing assignments. However, students will be expected to discuss conflicts directly with their roommate(s), and then with either their RA or RD before the Housing Office will consider processing a housing change request. As a general policy, the Housing Office does not process housing change requests for the first six weeks of the semester. It has been our experience that students are apt to judge another person too quickly or harshly, and thus assess their situation incompletely. Requiring that students work through the situation in order to live peacably for the first six weeks often gives them the time and space to see another from a more understanding and reasonable perspective.

The Housing Office will certainly field any housing change requests, but will strongly encourage the students to incorporate their RA and/or RD into the conflict resolution process. These personnel are trained with an ability to offer insight and mediation skills.

Requesting Housing Changes

  • Room and roommate changes are not normally approved during the first six weeks of the semester.
  • All room assignments are made through the Housing Office.
  • Student-initiated room changes must be pre-approved mutually by the Residence Director and Housing Office in advance of any move.
  • Student requests for a housing change must be received by the Housing Office either in person or via detailed written request from the student's Eastern e-mail account. The request must include a rationale for the need to move. The Housing Office will work to accommodate the request, but cannot guarantee that a student will be reassigned at all, let alone that the student's more detailed housing requests will be met.
  • Students who move without pre-approval or permission WILL BE ASKED TO MOVE BACK and WILL BE FINED.
  • The Housing Office will never move a student from a room they have been assigned at the request of another student or parent.
  • If a housing change request has been made and then accommodated, the student, by making the request, is AGREEING TO PAY THE FULL SEMESTER HOUSING COST OF THE ROOM THEY ARE BEING REASSIGNED TO, even if the move is accommodated after the semester has begun.

If you have any other questions, contact the Coordinator of Housing.

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