How to Write a Thank You Letter


Send thank you letters—often. Saying thank you not only lets a contact know you are well mannered, they give you an opportunity to make a lasting -- or better!-- impression. You should send them after interviews, of course, but also after an information interview or a helpful phone call. You should write even if the interview did not lead to a job. By demonstrating your communication skills and positive attitude, the contact may think of you if a more suitable opening comes up later.


· Write within 24 hours (but late is better than never).
· Keep it short.
· Handwritten is fine, typed is fine. Email is perfectly acceptable, too.


Paragraph One: Thank you for—for the interview, time, information, contact or whatever is appropriate.
Paragraph Two: Express your interest in the position or field, and perhaps what in particular interests you. You may also use a thank you letter to clarify any points you think were not well covered in the interview.


(If you are typing the letter, include proper date and address)

Dear Ms. Smith:

Thank you for taking the time yesterday to speak with me about the opening for a Dreamer at the Best Bedding Company.

I am very interested in the position. As we discussed yesterday, I have spent a great deal of my discretionary time as a dreamer (both night and day!), and have even slept through a few of my classes. I can bring to the job both experience and the enthusiasm to turn dreams into visions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Your Name

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