Letter from the Director

Dear Parents,

It’s really, really hard to write the big checks for college tuition and not “encourage” your child to make firm plans for after college... to pick a career right away, preferably one which will pay back student loans, establish financial bedrock, guarantee future security, and make a positive contribution to the world!

I’m going to ask you not to do that. Your kids know they’ll be graduating one day. They know they’ll need a job. They really do know that you are concerned and that you want to help.

But right now they are about to enter a new environment, meet new people and learn new things, all of which will help prepare them for making good decisions about how to best use the talents and gifts God has given them. They need to lay this groundwork, before they make firm plans for the future.

There are positive ways you can contribute to your child’s decision making process, even now:

1) Information. As your child considers alternative careers, offer to “connect” him or her to people who have a similar position. Talking to someone in the field can be tremendously helpful in making wise decisions.

2) Experience. The most useful thing you can do is to encourage your child to get experience in the area in which he or she is most interested. Maybe he’ll like it, maybe she won’t .. this is what they need to know, the earlier the better.

3) Encouragement. If your child is feeling anxious about career choices at any time, you may want to encourage talking with a career counselor. We have interest “tests” and much experience in helping students sort through career options and pick majors. Not only that, we like to do it!

The fact is, (almost) all our students find something useful and even interesting to do, not long after graduation. So DO enjoy the quiet, while we enjoy your child!


Sarah Todd, M.Ed.

Director for Talent and Carer Development

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