Worship Team Application

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Eastern University Worship Team.  The Worship Team consists of student musicians with a demonstrated lifestyle of worship and prayer. Worship teams provide music for the University’s weekly chapel service. Worship teams also lead Conquer the Night, a late night worship & prayer experience each semester.  There are also ministry opportunities (ie- area churches, Christian High schools & youth retreats), and development opportunities (worship conferences, workshops w/local artists & evaluations).  Members of the Worship Team are able to enroll in this activity as a course for credit.  Members receive one (1) academic credit per semester. Participation is required for the entire academic year.

Chapel Worship Team Requirements

  • CWT members must be worshippers who are comfortable worshipping in private and in the corporate setting.
  • Worship Team Training: scheduled a week prior to classes beginning in the Fall semester
  • Worship Team Development Day:   Scheduled for a day in the Spring prior to end of the semester.
  • Attend CWT  Rehearsals (Monday Nights)
  • Enroll in CWT course, MUSI 130 D (Monday Nights)
  • Participation in Chapel every Wednesday
  • Conquer the Night, a late night worship & prayer experience: one Friday a semester 10 p.m. – 6 a.m.
  • Attend all CWT events (as required)
  • Cross Cultural Experience Field Trips - Two Sundays per semester
  • Commitment to musical excellence and spiritual growth
  • Personal preparation of music
  • Respect for each member of the team
  • An openness to supervision, mentoring, and performance instruction
  • Maintain 2.5 minimum GPA
  • Participation is required for the entire academic year.

Faculty, Staff or Church Reference

1. Why would you like to be part of this ministry?

2. Have you had any prior worship team experience (not a requirement)?  How long and in what capacity (church, youth group, summer camps, etc.)?

3. Please give a brief statement of your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and/or your faith journey.

4. Please tell us something interesting about yourself.

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