☐ Registrar
    ☐ Are you eligible to graduate?

☐ Student Accounts/Financial Aid
    ☐ Are you financially cleared to graduate?
    ☐ Student Loan exit interview

☐ Order Cap and Gown from the Bookstore

☐ Order class ring, diploma frame, announcements, etc. from the Bookstore

☐ Senior portrait
    ☐ Sign up with Student Development
    ☐ Order Senior portrait

☐ Career Services
    ☐ Set up an appointment with Sarah Todd to discuss your resume

☐ Update Alumni Form
    ☐ Stay in touch with classmates and sign up for Alumni discounts

☐ Provide forwarding address for Mail Center

☐ Return all books to library

☐ Donation to class gift

☐ Be packed and ready to check-out of Residence Hall by 5:00 p.m.