Apartment Application

Eastern University offers six apartments on-campus that gives upperclassmen an opportunity to live in a smaller, more independent setting. Those granted an apartment are given 1:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. visitation hours every day and are still required to have a meal plan. The apartment application process is competitive and is not guaranteed to any student group. Apartments are only available to full-time students free from disciplinary probation in good academic standing.

Community Sustainability Option

Residential students that are committed to returning to Eastern University in the Fall semester with their roommate may apply for the community sustainability option (CSO) or “squatting”. Approved students will be able to remain in the current housing placement for the upcoming academic year and will not need to attend Housing Selection Night. In order to be considered for CSO the requested room must reach full occupancy with the current residents, intended roommates must participate in Housing Selection Night.

Application Eligibility

In order to be considered, read the instructions for the process carefully and complete the applications correctly. 

1. Each student (not group) must submit the application by the designated deadline; missing applications, will be disqualified from the process. 

2. Each application must list all eligible candidates to match occupancy requirements in the University room. Each member should be committed to the entirety of the Fall and Spring semesters. Students intending to Study Abroad or graduate in December should not apply. 

3. Each member of the group must have paid their housing deposit and registered for Fall courses by the appropriate deadlines.

4. New students entering the University in the Fall cannot participate in either bid process. 

5. The Housing Coordinator will use the below categories to determine placement:

  • Class Standing (Seniority)
  • Academic Success
  • Community Engagement
  • Community Violation History
  • Date and Time of Application

7. Results will be email to students at least a week before Housing Selection Night. Those who are not granted an apartment will need to attend Housing Selection Night.