As stated in the Eastern University Handbook, all Traditional Undergraduate Baccalaureate students (TUBS) are required to maintain residency throughout their time at Eastern University unless formally released through approval by the Student Development Office. Students who fit into one of the categories below may petition for commuter student status and an exclusion from the residency requirement.

1. Living at the home address with parent(s) or guardian(s) within a 50-mile radius of the St. Davids campus.

2. Currently serving in the military reserves or have previously served in the military.

3. Attaining 23 years of age before the beginning of the academic year of enrollment.

4. Married.

5. Part-Time

Those who do not fit into any of these four categories will be denied commuter status.

Please make sure you have checked with Financial Aid in regards to changes in campus residency status as there will likely be reductions to your financial aid package.

**Falsification of information on the petition for commuter status or violation of the residency requirement could result in judicial action including housing and meal plan costs billed to the student's account.**