Residence Life Policies

Community Expectations & Policies at Eastern University reflect the goals and commitments of the Univrsity. The rules are minimal but are taken seriously; enrolled students are expected to know and abide by all policies of the University. Some of the policies are listed below, but for more complete information, please read the Eastern University Student Handbook.

  • Tobacco products/devices and their use are not permitted on campus or in areas adjacent to the campus
  • Beverages containing alcohol, being found with alcoholic beverages, use or possession of alcoholic beverages or the presence of "empties" in, or adjacent to, residence halls and/or university-owned or university-staffed properties are not permitted
  • Coercive or unwelcome sexual behavior, including sexual assault, rape, acquaintance rape, indecent liberties (verbal or physical) or related actions are not permitted
  • Returning to campus, or university-owned or university-staffed properties, drunk or intoxicated is not permitted
  • Visitation in residence halls (applicable to resident students only) outside the established visition hours and policies is not permitted. Residence Hall Visitation by members of the opposite sex are limited to a specific schedule: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 1:00pm - 11:00pm, Friday and Saturday: 1:00pm - 1:00am, there is NO Visitation on Wednesdays
  • Possession and/or use of firearms or weapons, including air rifles, air pistols, knives, potato guns or blowguns, ammunition or explosives (fireworks) in or upon university-owned or university-staffed properties are not permitted
  • Sexual harassment, stalking and/or unwanted contact (of any kind) after verbal or written warning is not permitted. Students are encouraged to report incidents immediately to any Office of Student Development professional
  • Students participating in university-sponsored, off-campus class trips or activities - social, academic or sports-related - are expected to observe on-campus behavioral expectations for the duration of the off-campus activity (see Student Behavior Policy for Off Campus University Related or Sponsored Trips and Events)
  • Students who host or participate in events off campus where underage or excessive drinking occurs jeopardize their enrollment at the university
  • Retaliation, intimidation, or coercion directed against any member of the community, anyone who intends to register a complaint or anyone who has done so, is not permitted. Any member of the community who, after appropriate investigation, is determined to have retaliated against a complainant or one who expresses the intent to complain (or against any other party involved) will be subject to disciplinary action. If any member of the Eastern University community believes s/he has been retaliated against, that person should consult immediately with a Student Development professional

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