Photography Guidelines

The following guidelines will help you take photos that can be used for Web and print materials for Eastern University. 

Core Values

Always look for photos that convey our core values of Faith, Reason and Justice.


All photos taken need to portray our Christian university. Do not photograph students in situations that may be viewed as improper when taken out of context.


Photos need to be as natural as possible. Focus groups have responded they do not like staged photos.  When looking at a photo, a student wants to be able to picture themselves in that photo and on our campus. Look for fun shots, but avoid people being immature. College students want to be shown as adults.


Whenever possible, show diversity.

Guest Speakers

The best time for pictures is the last 15 or 20 minutes of their presentation. Good photos are of the guest speaker engaged in conversation with our students after the event.


Capture the essence of the event. Do not photograph people eating or plates of half-eaten food. Never ask subjects to stop a discussion to take a posed photo. People engaged in conversation are fine. If possible, take a few group photos of the dignitaries at the event (Dr. Duffett, deans, guest speaker, etc.). Whenever possible get names. Include a Word document with the image number and names of dignitaries in the folder of photos.  


No flash photography can be taken at plays, recitals or other performances. Doing so can mean injury to the performers. Speak with the dance, music and theatre departments to get permission to be on stage or in the wings during a dress rehearsal rather than performance. Intermission at some performances have the actors signing autographs for children. Theatre usually has someone taking photos, and we can get copies.


Take each shot vertically and horizontally in addition to close up, mid-range and at a distance. This gives us more options for usage and cropping. 

Release Forms

Get a signed release whenever possible. If you find yourself in a situation without forms, tell the subject you are taking photos to use on the Web and for printed materials. Ask if you have their permission to photograph them. Sometime photos  are better when people do not know you are taking them. You may take a photo and then ask for permission to use it. Most people are fine with it.

Photo Submission

The Original photo MUST be a minimum of 1200 x 1800 pixels. Do not change or increase the size in software. Weed out unusable photos, eyes closed, blurry, etc. Include all quality photos, numbering 1-10 your favorite 10. Create a folder with the event or speaker and date (Smith_010708). Burn photos to CD and send to Patti Singleton in the Communications Office, Ott Hall. 

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