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Minor in Chemistry

Why Minor in Chemistry at Eastern?

Through rigorous studies of chemical principles, hands-on laboratory analysis and original research, the minor in Chemistry at Eastern University cultivates students for advancement in their fields by equipping them with tools to be careful thinkers, creative problem solvers, clear communicators, and skilled experimentalists. We examine the handiwork of God, the display of His glory evident in the molecular complexity of the natural world, so students called to science can lead meaningful lives of service as effective stewards and agents of God’s redemptive purposes.

The minor in Chemistry provides solid training in rigorous chemistry for students of biology, education, business, law, math and others.  New Minor in Chemistry curriculum, effective Fall 2015:

Course Number Course Name Credit
The following courses are required for a Minor in Chemistry:
CHE 121 General Chemistry I 3
CHE 122 General Chemistry II 3
CHE 123 General Chemistry Laboratory I 1
CHE 124W General Chemistry Laboratory II 1
CHE 211 Organic Chemistry I 3
CHE 212 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHE 213 Organic Chemistry Laboratory I: Techniques 1
CHE 214 Organic Chemistry Laboratory II: Reactions and Multi-Step Synthesis 1
Subtotal: 16
Select ONE of the following Chemistry electives: 3-4
CHE 231 Quantitative Analysis 4
CHE 312 Thermodynamics and Kinetics 4
CHE 332 Environmental Chemistry 4
CHE 350 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHE 360 Advanced Organic Chemistry 3
CHE 405 Instrumental Analysis 4
CHE 411 Introductory Quantum Chemistry 4
CHE 420 Chemical Research 1-15
Total Credit Hours: 19-20

Full descriptions of undergraduate course offerings are available in Eastern's undergraduate course catalog.

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