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Minor in Psychology

Why Minor in Psychology at Eastern? 

Eastern Univeristy's minor in Psychology prepares students for careers as counselors, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, research assistants, and mental health assistants.

The minor in Psychology consists of eighteen credits in Psychology, which must include PSYC 100.  PSYC 395 and 495 may not be included in the minor.

Course Number Course Name Credit
Core Psychology Course (Required) 3
PSYC 100 General Psychology 3
Psychology Courses (Select 15 additional credit hours) 15
PSYC 201 Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3
PSYC 205 Either:  Child Psychology 3
PSYC 207 Or:  Lifespan Development  3
PSYC 206 Adolescent Psychology 3
PSYC 220 Statistics for Social and Behavioral Sciences 3
PSYC 225 Biopsychology 3
PSYC 300 Psychological Testing 3
PSYC 301 Psychopathology 3
PSYC 304 Social Psychology 3
PSYC 308 Psychology of Personality 3
PSYC 320 Techniques of Individual Counseling 3
PSYC 322 Psychology of Gender 3
PSYC 324 Cross-Cultural Psychology 3
PSYC 341, 342W Research Methods I, II 3, 3
PSYC 415 History and Systems of Psychology 3
Total Credit Hours: 18

Full descriptions of undergraduate course offerings are available in Eastern's undergraduate course catalog.

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