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How long will it take to complete the certification program?
The school nurse certification program at eastern will take about one year (fall, spring, summer & fall), taking one graduate course per semester.

Do I Need a Baccalaureate degree to be a school nurse?
Yes, in Pennsylvania you must nave a BSN to become a certified school nurse.

Will I be accepted into the school nurse program if my undergraduate GPA was less than 3.0?
Your applications will be evaluated on an individual basis. You may be admitted on a conditional basis and given the opportunity to demonstrate academic proficiency in graduate level coursework.

How many courses may I transfer from another university?
Up to 9 graduate credits may be accepted in transfer from an accredited school, college or university. You will be asked to submit an official transcript so that these courses may be evaluated for equivalency of content to the courses offered Eastern University.

How do I transfer classes?
Request an official transcript for all classes to be sent directly to Graduate Admissions.

When do classes start?
Please refer to Eastern University’s Academic calendar.

How do I find out if I am eligible for financial aid?
Please refer to Eastern University’s Financial aid.

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