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Nursing Clinical Resource Laboratory

Mission Statement

The laboratory provides a learning environment where students can discuss, learn, practice their nursing skills, as well as share with each other, faculty, and staff. Healthy debate is welcome; the professional code of conduct must be adhered to at all times.

Located in Eagle Learning Center, Room 105, the lab has an instructional area which seats approximately 20 students. There are seven patient areas with hospital beds and equipment. At the back of the lab, there are computer desks and a "nurses' station" and medication preparation area.

What is the Nursing Clinical Resource Laboratory?

Statement of Purpose:

The Nursing Clinical Resource Laboratory provides a controlled environment where nursing students learn, practice, and refine the skills needed to function in the clinical setting. The lab is designed in such a way as to simulate the patient care setting and specialty practice areas. The students have the opportunity to learn fundamental nursing skills as well as the advanced nursing skills that they will encounter in clinical practice. The development of critical thinking skills is also an integral part of the lab experience.

Available Resources

The resources include, but are not limited to, systems models, simulators, manikins, videos, and CD-ROMs. Students will also assume the role of "patient" in activities such as range of motion exercises, positioning of the patient, transfers from bed to chair, wheelchair, stretcher, patient teaching exercises, physical assessment, etc. Interview skills and communication techniques are incorporated into the various patient-care scenarios.

Technology Integration

Integration of technology and clinical practice is achieved through lab experiences, which provide hands-on skills augmented by computer interactives. The Virtual Intravenous (VIV) Trainer provides students with the opportunity to learn intravenous skills and to practice within the virtual setting. Scenarios are chosen that will enhance the learning experience through decision making and prioritizing.

This milieu is a vital component of the academic preparation of students as they journey toward becoming practitioners of the art and science of nursing.

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