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BA in Spanish

Why Major in Spanish?

Obtaining a BA in Spanish provides students with the language skills and understanding needed for careers in teaching, translation, social work, health care, bilingual and foreign services.

Why Major in Spanish at Eastern?

Double Major with Spanish at Eastern?

In addition to the BA in Spanish, there are several opportunities for double majors that combine Spanish with another discipline.  For example:

  • Spanish and Education K-12 majors teach in public and private schools often coupling their Spanish certification and an ESL certification that allows them to work with the burgeoning  second language population in U.S. schools.
  • A Political Science and Spanish major can pursue careers with the government, NGOs, or in the foreign or diplomatic corps. Several of our students have interned at the Mexican Consulate of Philadelphia for first hand experience in diplomatic service.
  • Social Work and Spanish majors work with social service agencies dealing with Hispanic clients. These majors are eagerly sought after for jobs that offer higher pay for their bilingual skills.
  • Youth Ministry and Spanish double majors work in the U.S. with Hispanic communities and lead mission trips to Spain or Latin America.
  • Anthropology & Missions and Spanish double majors have taken jobs working with the Mennonite Central Committee and other NGOs in Latin America.
  • International Area Studies and Business majors find employment in transnational companies or in the management of Spanish-speaking workers in the U.S.
  • A Communications and Spanish double major has opportunities in the airline and travel industries, advertising, and Spanish TV and radio. Eastern graduates have taken jobs at T.V. Guide writing content for Spanish-language publications.
  • Biology and Spanish majors often pursue jobs in medicine or environmental science. Eastern students have interned at Medical Assistance Program (MAP) in Cochabamba, Bolivia in the summer.
  • Psychology and Spanish double majors work in counseling or with the law enforcement.
  • Sociology and Spanish majors find work with non-profit, community and immigration services.

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