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Student Teaching and Field Experience

Director: Dr. Bill Yerger (wyerger@eastern.edu)

Both Field Experience (only required for graduate students in ESL certification) and Student Teaching are integral part of Pennsylvania (PA) teacher certification programs. 

Field Experience

Field Experience is designed to provide students with opportunities to observe basic classes at the level where they desired to be certified to teach. Field Experience is one of the first introductory courses in education for undergraduate students.  Students are usually advised to complete this requirement after EDU200 and 201 are completed. For graduate students, Field Experience may be taken as a separate course or fulfilled as part of other coursework.

Student Teaching

Student teaching is required prior to receiving a Pennsylvania teaching (Instructional I) certification.  Students may fulfill this requirement either at the undergraduate or the graduate level by concurrently enrolling and successfully completing course requirements in Student Teaching (EDU610 for graduates and EDU410 for undergraduates) and Practicum (EDU620 for graduates and EDU420 for undergraduates). Student Teaching and Practicum, combined, make up a full-semester load (15 credits for undergraduates & 9 credits for graduates) and are expected to devote a full-length semester (14 weeks) to this professional hands-on experience.

Before being allowed to do student teaching, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Complete all certification course requirements. (Graduate students must have taken a minimum of two graduate level courses at Eastern prior to student teaching)
  • Maintain the GPA of 3.0.
  • Successfully pass all of PRAXIS I (not required for graduate students) prior to submitting student teaching application and at least be registered for the PRAXIS II exams by the student teaching start date.

Make a formal application for student teaching at least two semesters prior to the professional semester of student teaching.  The application process includes the following documents:

  • A completed application form for student teaching (download both forms for undergraduates or the one for graduates)
  • Evaluation form and written summary of the Field Experience (undergraduates only)
  • Autobiography (resume) and Philosophy of Education (letter outlining the guidelines is available in the Curriculum Lab), student's university transcript with the cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Evidence of a satisfactory health record, including TB clearance
  • Copies of the F. B. I. Fingerprinting, State Police (Criminal Record check) and Child Abuse clearances (forms are available in the Curriculum Lab)

Send the application materials to:

Kim Campbell (kcampbel@eastern.edu)
The Loeb School of Education
Eastern University
1300 Eagle Road
St. Davids, PA 19087

Please note: All clearances (TB, Child Abuse, State Police and F.B.I) are only valid for one year from date of issue. Students are to keep the originals in their possession and submit copies of each. All paperwork may be submitted via email, mail, fax, or dropped off in person.

Downloadable Forms:

Application to Education Department- Undergraduate

Student Teaching Application- Undergraduate

Student Teaching Application- Graduate

Tuberculosis Skin Test

Links To PA Clearance Information

F.B.I. Fingerprinting (https://www.pa.cogentid.com/index_pde.htm)

State Police Check (Criminal record check)

Child abuse clearance

Student Teaching Overseas

Students who wish to fulfill a portion of student teaching overseas should contact Dr. David Greenhalgh at dgreenha@eastern.edu.

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