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4+1 Engineering Program: BA in Mathematics (Eastern), MS in Engineering (Villanova)

The 4 + 1 Engineering Program is an innovative agreement between Eastern and Villanova provides a student with the best of both worlds: the intimacy of a top liberal arts, Christian undergraduate education through Eastern and leveraging the resources of a multi-million dollar facility in Villanova's College of Engineering.  Eastern University is a top Christian University located in PA consistently ranked in the top-tier of regional universities in the Northeastern United States by US News.  Villanova University is ranked #1 among regional universities in the Northeastern United States and as one of the Top 15 Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs by US News.

Engineering Program Advisor
Dr. Walter Huddell 
Phone: 610.225.5530 
Email: whuddell@eastern.edu

This innovative 5-year engineering agreement leads to two degrees, the B.A. in Math (from Eastern) and the M.S. in Engineering (from Villanova). Students will study for four years at Eastern University and depending on how fast you can go as little as one year or as long as 3 years at Villanova. The four years of undergraduate study include a full slate of math and science, prerequisite classes needed for entrance into the graduate engineering program, and perhaps some graduate engineering courses.

Eastern Math majors will move directly to one of the following graduate engineering programs at Villanova:

Why Choose 4+1 Engineering Dual Agreement at Eastern?

Preferred Graduate Admission Status:  Eastern students who maintain an appropriate academic standing are given preferential status in admission to Villanova’s graduate engineering program.  Students then complete Villanova’s prestigious 30 credit MS program in Engineering.

1-3 years for Graduate Degree:  After completing your Bachelors in Math at Eastern, go as fast or as slow as you want (we think you will want to go fast).  Students can complete the MS portion of the program (graduate program at Villanova) in as little as one year or as long as three years.  See more

Best of Both Worlds:  Students experience a rigorous, high-energy academic program in Math and Engineering from both Universities.  Students enjoy the support of a small, Christian, liberal arts context while preparing for graduate study in a first-rate engineering program. Students complete Eastern’s 121 credit BA program in Math. The 121 credits include a slate of prerequisite engineering courses taken at Eastern and Villanova.  See More

Graduation Expectations:  Graduates of this innovative program will be prepared for an exciting range of careers in mathematics, engineering, technology, and computer science.

Faith Integration: At Eastern, our Math Faculty strive to learn mathematics with vigor while considering how mathematics can inform our understanding of Christ. We examine how God's creation is revealed through applied mathematics and how His Nature is revealed through pure mathematics.

Academic Community: The Eastern Math department is a community of students that develop close and supportive relationships with one another. Our faculty come alongside students as mentors to facilitate the reaching of their potential. Class sizes are small and individual attention is abundant.

Faculty Research: The Math faculty are engaged in research in functional analysis, including ill-posed problems and operator theory as well as group theory and cohomology.  Work is also being done in the field of mathematical philosophy.

Academic Enrichment: The Math department offers a drop-in tutoring service known as The Abelian Group for students in any mathematics class. Strong upperclassmen have opportunities to serve as tutors in the program.

Instrumentation: Eastern's Mathematics department owns a Wolfram Mathematica site license which can be used by all current students as well as its own GNU-Linux server for its computer science courses.

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