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BA in Philosophy

Why Major in Philosophy?

The BA in Philosophy at Eastern University provides opportunities for collaborative philosophical inquiry on the fundamental questions of existence within the context of historical and orthodox Christian faith.

Philosophy trains you to be able to do anything; it opens the world to you. As you become trained in writing, speaking, research, and logic, you become trained to do anything you want. As a result, philosophy majors go on to immediate work in teaching, business, and the non-profit sector, or to graduate school in philosophy, literature, economics, mathematics, the ministry, law, and business.

Plus, you become a free human being—no small thing in itself.

We’re not alone in thinking that you will be able to find work. See the following articles:  

Why Major in Philosophy at Eastern?

  • Participate in the Philosophy club, reading groups, close interaction with professors, evening lectures and discussions, and a close community of other students,
  • Investigate philosophy in lively conversation with faith
  • Active, engaging, rigorous classroom discussion and questioning
  • Distinguished faculty hold top degrees and actively publish on Christian thought and theology, ethics, evangelicalism, political philosophy, and literature
  • Research and travel opportunities with the EU Philosophical Society and Agora Institute
  • Opportunity for study at other universities, in Philadelphia and around the world
  • Areas of Study: Faith and Philosophy; History of Philosophy (Ancient, Medieval, Modern, Continental); Philosophy of Literature; Ethics and Justice; Art and Culture; Introduction to philosophy; Logic; Philosophy of Religion; Aesthetics

Featured Faculty Member

Phil Cary, Ph.D

Dr. Cary is a Professor of Philosophy and Scholar-in-Residence at Eastern University’s College of Arts and Sciences and The Templeton Honors College. Dr. Cary is a philosopher and theologian known for his many taped lecture series published by The Teaching Company, including Great Minds of the West, Martin Luther: Law, Gospel and Reformation, and The History of Christian Theology. Professor Cary has also authored three books about Augustine published by Oxford University Press and a commentary on the book of Jonah published by Brazos press, most of which are about the life and thought of Saint Augustine. Dr. Cary also recently completed Good News for Anxious Christians, and is currently working on a book about the meaning of Protestant theology.

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