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BA in Psychology Curriculum

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Psychology Curriculum:

Course Number Course Name Credit
Required Courses:
PSY 100 General Psychology 3
PSY 205 Either:  Child Psychology 3
PSY 207       Or:  Lifespan Development 3
PSY 220 Statistics for the Social and Behavioral Sciences 3
PSY 221 Statistics Lab 1
PSY 225 Biopsychology 3
PSY 301 Psychopathology 3
PSY 308 Psychology of Personality 3
PSY 341 Research Methods I 3
PSY 342W Research Methods II 3
PSY 415 History and Systems of Psychology 3
PSY 443 Either:  Senior Thesis (Offered only in Fall) 3
PSY 495       Or:  Internship 3
Subtotal of Required Credit Hours: 31
Select 6 of the Following Elective Courses:
PSY 201 Industrial and Organizational Psychology 3
PSY 206 Adolescent Psychology 3
PSY 250 Either:  Psychopharmacology  (Offered only in Spring) 3
THEO 330Q       Or:  Addiction and Grace  (Offered only in Fall) 3
PSY 302 Experimental Psychology and Laboratory  (Offered only in Fall) 4
PSY 304 Social Psychology  (Offered only in Spring) 3
PSY 318 Cognitive Psychology  (Offered only in Fall) 3
PSY 320 Techniques of Individual Counseling 3
PSY 330B Psychology of Religion 3
PSY 330C Psychology of Family  (Offered only in Spring) 3
PSY 330D Applied Behavior Analysis  (Offered only in Spring) 3
PSY 395 Field Experience 3
Subtotal of Elective Credit Hours: 18-19
Total Credit Hours for BA in Psychology: 49-50

NOTE:  We request that Psychology majors successfully pass the Departmental APA Online Training.  This is usually administered in one of the 200-level developmental courses (PSY 205, 206, or 207) and should be successfully completed before proceeding onto any 300-level courses.  Transfer students coming in at the 300-level must meet with his/her advisor to make arrangements to complete this before the end of his/her first semester in the major.

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