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Psychology Faculty

Tara Stoppa, PhD

Department Co-Chair
PhD, The Pennsylvania State University
Specialties: Developmental psychology (emphasis on youth development), family issues, and research methodology
Office:  McInnis 224
Email:  tstoppa@eastern.edu
Phone:  610.341.5871

Yolanda Turner, PhD

Department Co-Chair
PhD, Widener University
Specialties: Counseling, human sexuality, and abnormal psychology.
Office:  McInnis 225
Email: yturner2@eastern.edu
Phone:  610.225.5077

Margaret Kim Peterson, PhD

PhD, Duke University
Specialties: Theological bioethics, psychoanalytic theory and practice
Office:  McInnis 219
Email:  mkpeters@eastern.edu
Phone: 610.341.4389

Jo Saba, MA

Coordinator of Psychology Internships
MA, Eastern University
Specialties: General psychology and abnormal psychology
Office:  McInnis 222
Email:  jsaba@eastern.edu
Phone:  610.341.1713

Michael Thomas, PsyD

PsyD, Regent University
Specialties: Religion/spirituality, eating disorders, and adolescent issues
Office:  McInnis 223
Email:  mthoma11@eastern.edu
Phone: 610.724.3505

Douglas Trimble, PhD

PhD, Temple University
Specialties: Psychology of religion, missions, assessment of student learning
Office:  McInnis 218
Email:  dtrimble@eastern.edu
Phone: 610.225.5320

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